• We offer consultancy, planning and management, training and development for companies requiring services such as survey, diagnostics, formatting and execution of specific programs: technical/operational, behavioral and management related.

• Organization of events, seminars, congresses, fairs and expositions.

• Customers servicing.

• Implementation of marketing strategies.

• Quality management.


Market experience and strength guarantee for Workout Business the best partnerships with the best market suppliers. Agility, security and fair prices are fundamental factors for Workout when it comes to choosing suppliers. Your event will count on the best services, materials and suppliers available in the market, ensuring the success of our enterprise.


All outsourced services we hire are thoroughly selected, as a result of a market research on many budgets from different sources and by insisting on finding the best partners, who may be able to comply with and offer the best conditions to fulfill all the event's needs. Our ideal is always offering the best cost-benefit relation to our clients.

Travel Management

We offer a wide structure to manage and host corporate travels, business groups, incentive trips, while also offering local transportation and leasing services. For events' participants and/or lecturers, Workout Business offers full and complete consultancy, from air tickets, transportation, accommodations and food, to city tours, etc.

- Consultancy
- Planning
- Management
- Training
- Development
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